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  • Storyteller's Boot Camp:

          What you need to tell folklore, fairy tales or your own original material. Suitable for all ages and skill

          levels. Includes games, exercises, coaching and all fun.


  • It Takes 2 To Tandem Tell:

          Learn to do what we do. Double your storytelling fun by telling with a partner.


  • Seasons of Love: A Life History View of Relationships:

          This workshop offers an interactive, lively, unique, and real time method of looking at relationships.

          Utilizing storytelling, improvisation, role play, audience participation and discussion,two experienced

          storytellers present scenes from relationships at selected life span points that will be both familiar and



  • Stealing That Extra Bow - Utilizing Vaudeville Techniques to Strengthen Your Story:

          Learn to use Vaudeville'straditions andtechniques to experience the use of rhythm, timing, delivery,

          characterization, improvisation, body language and stage presence in your storytelling.


  • Lead Like Lincoln:

          One  lesson we can draw from Abraham Lincoln is that an effective leader is a master storyteller. Lincoln

          worked hard for years to master his skills. In this workshop, you will develop your storytelling and story-

          listening skills with purpose and a plan.

  • Slam School:

          Story slams, with their emphasis on personal revelation and competition, are a fast growing part of the

          storytelling world. Storytelling events are growing in popularity all across the country thanks in part to and

          NPR's hit. Suitable for all ages, this workshop will help prepare you to stand up and slam out a great 



  • Fairy Tales Can Come True:

           Using Effective Storytelling to Help Children Deal With Their Worries and Concerns. This workshop will

           demonstrate, via descriptions, experiential activities and story how to help children use narrative to

           express emotions and make sense of troubling events. Participants will practice using personal and  

           traditional stories to guide children towards healthier emotional processes and creative problem-solving.

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