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Judith Onesty

Running into a bunch of Texas cowboys 20 years ago, completely changed Judith's outlook on life.  Those cowboy poets and storytellers unlocked a door inside of her that creaked open on rusty hinges.  They reminded her how much she loved poetry and storytelling.  She came away from the Cowboy Poetry Gathering determined to give voice to her storytelling and poetry.


Judith tells a wide variety of captivating, moving, dynamic and versatile, stories of love, laughter, conflict and resolution.  Some are personal family stories, which go back 5 generations. Her repertoire also includes folktales and literary stories presented in a variety of styles. 


She loves it when the whole room is screaming and shivering as she tells her eerie Halloween stories.


Judith Onesty and Les Schaffer have told together in tandem since 2001. Working together their stories come alive with a wonderful energy that doubles their audiences' enjoyment.


She is an experienced workshop leader and storytelling coach.


In 2013, Judith won the Virginia Tall Tales/Liars Contest. She was also featured as a Regional Teller at the National Storytelling Network Convention.


Her professional affiliations include National Storytelling Network, Tell Tale Hearts Storytellers Theater (founding member).


Judith's programs include, but are not limited to:

   Relatively Speaking, a variety of family stories

  The Lighter Side, stories to tickle your funny bone

   Eerie Halloween Stories, feel the fingers tickling up & down your spine

   Freddie the Elf, Original stories from Santa's Workshop

   Seasons of Love, Tandem stories exploring the mystery of relationships

     plus folktales & literary stories and more!


Invite Judith to tailor a program for your group. She tells in historical situations, conferences, local radio, storytelling festivals, parks and recreation departments, libraries, theaters, churches, schools, senior communities, clubs, etc.

2013 Virginia Liars Contest Winner

The Golden Shovel award that

is passed to each succeeding

Tall Tale/Liars contest winner

and the first place medal is

kept by the winner.

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