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  • Library Stories

       Learn about George Washington's huge late fee fine, a Volunteer run library, Library Blues and     

        the library cat.

  • Mainly for Seniors - Gray Heroes & Sheroes:

         A hilarious and heart-warming romp with George Burns & Gracie Allen,as they take us on an adventurous journey

         with tales featuring wise, and brave folks with more than a touch of grey on their heads.


  • The Folktale Express:

          Folk and Fairy Tales from around the world, for a variety of age and family groups. Stories of wise fools, plucky

          children, talking animals that demonstrate the universality of these stories and of our common humanity.


  • Stories Falling From the Sky:

          A multimedia program for all ages, with stories ranging from creation myths, to tales about how the stars and

          constellations were named, to exciting stories about today's astronauts.


  • Seasons of Love:

          Laugh, cry and love along with us, as we explore the life history of couples, from dating to old age.


  • Trick a Treat

          One of our most popular programs. Choose your degree of scary, mild to Great Words on Fire! Creepy Trick or

          Treaters, scary pigs, eerie houseboats, from a haunted forest to a ghost walk that turns out to be just a bit too                  real. You never know who or what will turn up in our Halloween stories.


  •  The Dancing Goats: Stories for the Holiday Season:

          Holiday stories for children and adults who can listen like children. Featuring original and traditional stories about

          a very special Santa's elf,magical trees, tales for the Christmas, Hanukah and Winter Solstice season.


  • Fools for Love:

          Love stories about fools, lovers and the human condition.


  •  Chelm to Hell and Back:

          Jewish stories from around the Diaspora and across time.


  • Whose Family Is This?:

           Family tales that make you laugh, remember and remind you of your own family's stories.


  • The Liar's Dilemma - Tall Tales Terrifically Told:

           Original and traditional tall tales told by two of the best liars in the business, outside of Government that is!


  • The Healing Heart: Stories - Stories That Heal the Heart and Soul:

            Stories that contain seeds of healing, growth and rejuvenation. Storytelling is an ancient healing method that has

            always served to connect us and to stimulate creative imagination, wisdom, and compassion.


  • Listener's Choice:

            You pick the theme and provide the audience. We will tailor make and deliver a storytelling program customized

             just for your group.

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