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Why we love Tandem Telling

We love the way a well told tale brings words to life, sparks the imagination and touches the heart and soul. It stretches our boundaries, increases our abilities, challenges reality and it is so much fun to prepare and perform!

Judith Onesty and Les Schaffer are accomplished tandem tellers. Many of their stories delve into the colorful world of relationships. With humor and word play, they paint a vivid canvas of the ups and downs and the trials and triumphs of the interwoven lives of men and women.

What is Tandem Telling?

Live performance of the

Tell Tale Hearts Storytelling Theater

Tandem telling requires two tellers, working together, to give the story wings.


Is Tandem Telling like acting?

Well, yes and no. Two persons telling a story can look at lot like two actors acting out a scene, but there are some significant differences. In tandem telling, as in any storytelling, the tellers are talking to the audience, often inviting audience participation. 


As a rule, tandem tellers are not “telling” a story word for word. This allows for the story and the telling to change over time, sometimes with each telling. The result is a fun, fast paced interchange that is enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

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