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Stories to Entertain, Teach, Touch and Transform

Judith Onesty

Les Schaffer

Student comments on Dr. Seuss class:  "Loved the discussion, examples, laughs, insight...; Gets your attention and holds it. Really expanded my thoughtfulness...; Excellent class-one of my favorites."


WOW! We had lovely compliments about your program today. Keeping that many folks on a sunny afternoon is a testament to your expert story telling.

Gay Lynn Van Vleck, VA
Children's Services Supervisor
Twin Hickory Area Library


Your performance on Saturday night was delightful!  

                        Mary Hamilton, KY

Kentucky Storytelling  Conference


If you have heard these tellers, you will want to hear them again and again.                     Tim Hayes, VA

Storytelling Fan


We will definitely have you come back again!   Susann Atienza, VA

Virginia Baptist Home


I have done Speed Dating. Your story was right on the mark!  

                       Mrs. Fred Clark, VA

Storytelling Fan

Tandem tellling is so amazing when it is done well.

                         Adam Booth, WVA


You and Judith really do give very convincing performances (as  a couple). I always enjoy listening to you and watching you.

Katie Ross, WVA


I remember you coming to tell for your grandaughter's class in second grade. I loved it.

High School graduate

met while shopping.







Richmond, Virginia

Check out  our programs and workshops! 

Two Tellers Telling, Judith Onesty and Les Schaffer, are excited to now offer programs for persons with memory problems. It is very frustrating if you can't remember, but by using storytelling, we can help people to imagine and connect to others. Contact us for more information.

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